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About Accelerated Practice Concepts, Inc.

There was a time when it was pretty simple to get from here to there. You worked diligently, collected your fees and, sooner or later, reached your goals—-personal and professional.

Today, it’s a lot more complicated. The pressures are greater, the rewards more uncertain and the directions less precise.

Today, you need a clear, long-term strategy that will make your practice work for you. Not against you.

That’s where we come in. We’re Accelerated Practice Concepts, Inc. (APC).!

The APC difference

A lot of traditional consultants seem to treat all practices as if they were the same. Moreover, they tend to concentrate on problems that can be squeezed into “ready-made” solutions.

Unfortunately, in the long run, many of these solutions turn out to be no solution at all. And you end up back where you started.

At APC, we reject this type of rigid, non-creative thinking. We get involved in the total picture. And we do it from a unique perspective—yours. That’s what sets us apart.

At APC, we’re not content to dispense “off-the-shelf” solutions or inject a series of “quick fixes” into your practice. In fact, we don’t make recommendations until we fully understand you, your practice and your goals. We take a tough, objective look at the hard facts. We do extensive research and analysis. Then we apply creative thinking to develop an individualized, long-term strategy. Finally, we apply ourselves with aggressive thoroughness to the critical details that make up the total picture.

Judge us by the facts.

At APC, we draw upon the experience and insights we’ve gained working with hundreds of dental practices, nationwide. Plus, we do some of the most sophisticated, ongoing, dental-consumer research anywhere in the United States. In fact, when it comes to knowing what patients look for in a dentist, we’re in a class by ourselves. When we make recommendations, you know we’ve got the facts and the expertise to support them. The record shows that our results are nothing short of extraordinary. Naturally, we have very satisfied clients to back up those words.